Quelles différences entre résines et fleurs de cannabis ?

What are the differences between resins and cannabis flowers?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a molecule present in hemp, a plant in the cannabis family. It can be consumed in different forms, the most common of which are flowers and resins. But what are the differences between these two products? What are their advantages and disadvantages? This is what we will see in this article.

What is CBD flower (Weed)?

A CBD flower is the dried bud of the hemp plant, which contains a high concentration of CBD, as well as other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These substances are responsible for the effects, taste and smell of the product. CBD flowers are generally sold in the form of whole or crumbled buds, and can be consumed in different ways: infusion, vaporization, or inhalation.

The benefits of CBD flowers are:

  • They are easy to dose, because the CBD content is indicated on the packaging.
  • They are natural, because they do not undergo chemical or mechanical transformation.
  • They offer a wide spectrum of effects, because they contain all the compounds of hemp, which act in synergy (entourage effect).
  • They are varied, because there are many varieties of hemp, with different aromas and effects.

The disadvantages of CBD flowers are:

  • They are more expensive than resins, because they require more raw materials and labor.
  • They are less discreet, because they have a strong odor.
  • They are less practical, because they require preparation before consumption (grinding, filtration, etc.).)
  • They are less stable, because they can lose their quality over time if they are not stored correctly.

What is CBD resin (Hash)?

A CBD resin is a concentrate of CBD, obtained from the hemp plant, by different extraction processes. The goal is to separate the trichomes, the resin glands that contain CBD and other cannabinoids, from the plant matter. CBD resin has a solid but malleable texture and a color that varies from yellow to black, depending on the extraction method. CBD resin can be consumed in different ways: by vaporization, by inhalation, or by ingestion.

The benefits of CBD resins are:

  • They are more potent than flowers, as they contain a higher concentration of CBD.
  • They are more economical, because less is needed to obtain the same effects.
  • They are more discreet, because they have a less strong odor and a more neutral appearance.
  • They are more practical, because they do not require preparation before consumption.

The disadvantages of CBD resins are:

  • They are more difficult to dose, because the CBD content can vary depending on the product and the extraction method.
  • They are less natural, because they undergo a chemical or mechanical transformation, which can alter certain hemp compounds.
  • They offer a more restricted spectrum of effects, because they contain fewer cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids than flowers.
  • They are less varied, because there are fewer varieties of resins than of flowers.


CBD flowers and resins are two forms of CBD that present significant differences, both in terms of their composition, their method of consumption, their effects, and their price. Depending on your needs, your preferences, and your constraints, you can choose one or the other, or even combine them, to benefit from the benefits of CBD. Remember to check the quality, origin, and legality of the products you buy, and to consult a doctor before consuming CBD, especially if you are undergoing medical treatment.

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